After excelling at woodcraft and art at school and achieving e and ds in other subjects.

During the transit from analogue to digital out of desperation

I bribed the technical director of a London university to lock me in so I could teach myself the quantel paintbox after a week and armed with a handful of crude photo comps I approach T&S Lightbox and secured an operators job. My cover was blown and I was shuffled on the night shift with a guy called foggy who took the time to show me how to operate using what was by today’s standards an antiquated system. We went on to be quite a formidable team after about 9 months I was asked to leave but not before I had time to learn the craft of system retouching and see how a studio was run. The following day I donned a suit walked into the moving picture company and asked if I could see the MD chas chandler, I just said to I would like a chat, after talking with him or about hour he suggested I pursue a career as an art director, encouraged by this I went and bought a ticket for LA, once there I phoned all the retouching studios asked them if it was OK to come and have a chat, its gave me a great insight into how a boutique style studio could be run, I was also rudely awakened by an earthquake it happened at @4.00am in the morning. By 9.30 some opportunist had t-shirts printed and was selling them on the street with “ I survived 9.2 “ and a naf bit of clip art of a lighting flash. Arriving back in England broke and signing on I was able to use a facility that allowed me free stamps and phone calls, it was then by chance I spotted an ad in the British journal of photography ‘ small company with a big idea’ they were a lowly photography lab based in sydenham who thought it would be a good idea to set up retouching studio. I persuaded them I was the man for the job. After setting up the studio for them based on what I had learnt from lightbox, I then preceded to brand, rep and retouch firstly using freelancers and learning from them, securing a few clients. The place ticked over. Unfortunally sydenham was not the best location. We then merged with another lab that entered the market late


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